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 Rules of TOSFR

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PostSubject: Rules of TOSFR   Fri Feb 05, 2016 7:48 pm

Being a member of a forum comes with responsibility, which is why there are rules. This forum is no different.

1. Fowl Language

Here in The Object Show Forum, we like to be family-friendly, since there may be members that are younger then teenagers and adults. Because of this, we ask you to please try to limit/avoid moderate to major fowl language. Minor fowl language may be used, as long as it isn't insulting .

2. Spam

No, I don't mean the meat brand, I mean internet spam. Spam is prohibited on TOSFR, since it doesn't do much other then raise the person's post count. Any post that is considered spam, except for counting games in the Forum Game Lounge, will be removed.

3. Advertising

Advertising is not allowed in the boards, so don't come here expecting to spam about your newest website or product. The only place you may advertise is on your signature or you can advertise your object show in the Object Show board.

4. Asking for promotion

Yes, we love to have staff here on the forums, but just asking won't allow you to be a staff. The admin chooses who will be fit for the job, so please, don't ask and just be patient...and good.

5. Image sizes

The maximum size for pictures is 800x600. This is so members with slow internet won't have a bad time, reduces the scroll bar, and keeps the topic tidy.

6. Inappropriate Content

PLEASE don't post inappropriate content here. Like I have said, we try to be family-friendly. Like they always say, if you don't want your grandma seeing it, don't post it.

7. Joke/Alternate Accounts

Joke/Fake Accounts is prohibited for regular members of TOSFR. Only the Admin is allowed to do so, like for special events. This also goes for Alternate accounts, since a banned member might create a Alt. account just to continue posting.

8. Account Names

When creating your account, please avoid using foul language in your username. Try to also avoid using an already existing username. This is known as impostering, which can be rude.

9. Illegal Activity

Hacking and Illegal files is absolutely prohibited on TOSFR.

10. The Golden Rule

This goes without saying. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

These rules may be updated at any time by the Admin.
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Rules of TOSFR
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