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 Guidelines of the "Object Camps" Board.

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PostSubject: Guidelines of the "Object Camps" Board.   Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:41 pm

The "Object Camps" board is a board in which you can post your own object camp. Simple as that. But before you post, here are some guidelines to follow.

1. What you can post here.

Here, object camp creators can post/advertise their camp from YouTube, like if it somehow isn't that popular. Even if the camp is ongoing, the creator or fans can post things like discussions of the camp. But, this board isn't limited to YouTube camps. Here, you can make your own text-only camp.

2. Text-only camps

Text-only camps are object camps that are only made from text. No animation, no video, though you can post pictures. So people who are not in your camp will not interupt, make another topic for your camp and tell people to talk about the camp's discussion topic. For example, "[Your Camp]: Discussion". While doing Text-only camps, please use these symbols, to make it easier for people to find camps.

[OPEN] - Sign-ups are open and anyone can sign-up.
[CLOSED] - Sign-ups are closed and camp is about to get underway.
[IN PROGRESS] - Camp is in progress.
[FINISHED] - Camp is finished and the winner is declared.
[CANCELLED] - Camp is cancelled and won't continue.
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Guidelines of the "Object Camps" Board.
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